Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Creatures Mundane & Supernatural

I have created a short bestiary for my players.  The formatted PDF is available in the link to the left, an example in plain text of what is included is below:

The Restless Dead
There are times when the souls of the dead are not accepted into either Heaven or Hell, nor do they spend their time learning from their sinful ways in Purgatory, but some souls are so vile and reticent that they refuse to leave their decaying bodies and drag themselves from their graves and either attempt to follow some twisted semblance of their previous existence or seek vengeance upon the living.

 These dead, or Undead as some priests have called them, take many forms, from rotting corpses dripping bits of flesh from their decaying bodies, to those so long passed that they are naught but animated skeletons, occasionally wearing some bits and rags of their former garments and possessed of a malevolence that betrays itself with eye sockets in the empty skull that glow with a glimpse of pure hellfire and twisted evil.

 There are said to be the occasional individual whose will to defy death was so strong that their bodies do not decay as normal and that they maintain a semblance of life by draining the very blood of the living to sustain themselves. The peasants of lower Prussia and the Transylvania region call these creatures “Wamphyr”.

 It is said that the Restless dead cannot stand the touch of holy items, pure sunlight, silver and that the force of faith of a truly faithful man can render them fearful and cause them to recoil away from the proof of true goodness.

 Salt and running water are also defenses against these vile creatures, and dogs, cats and horses will oft give warning of their presence as they find them as repulsive as any living, thinking creature should.  

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