Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Possible NPC's or Pregens

I created three characters this afternoon using my rules.  I'll post the highlights below (common skills with no additional skill points I won't bother adding)

Fernando Estavello,  Courtier from Toledo, Castille
Str: 15  |  Con: 11  |  Siz: 14  |  Int: 12  |  Pow: 11  |  Dex: 15  |  Cha:  14
Age: 23    Move: 11     Damage Modifier: +1d2    Hit Points: 25
Wound Threshold: 7    Strike Rank: 14    Magic Points:  11

Boon: Fernando has a knack with the spell: Tongue Tied (Mag2) (p22 of the chargen pdf) skill: 32%

Native Language: Castillian
Skills of Note:
Athletics: 39%  |  Close Combat: 50% [Fencing 70%]  |  Dance 49%   |  Evade  60%
Evaluate  41%   |  Firearms: 50%   [Pistol 57%]   |   Influence 50% [Seduction 58%]
Insight 53%  |  Persistence 32%  |  Resilience  42%

Language: [Anglish 56%] [ Frankish: 46%]   |  Courtesy: 56%   |  Lore: Law 44%   |  Culture: Francia  34%

Third son of a tailor who had the good fortune of being the preferred tailor for a Don at the royal courts, Fernando's manners, looks and poise caught the eye of the don at an early age.  Arranging patronage so that Fernando could be schooled in the 'courtly' manner, Don Lorenzo introduced Fernando to the Court when he turned 16.   Fitting in and enjoying the refined live of the court, Fernando quickly learned his way around.  From an Anglish ambassador, he learned of the Atlantean colonies and learned to improve the Anglish he had learned from the tutors.   From the daughter of the Francian Consul, he learned much about the Frankish tongue and customs.  Unfortunately, from the Francian Consul, he learned the lesson, too late, of course, of choosing the time and place of assignations with a bit more care.   After narrowly escaping the palace and praying that the lovely Jacquliene would not tell his name, Fernando inquired of Ambassador Lockwood if perhaps he could visit the Atlantean Colonies with him, as he heard the Ambassador was leaving the following dawn.    Now if he can just get some of his belongings and dodge the Franks until dawn . . .

Donnchaidh "Donny" Brooklaw - Caledonian Hunter from Argyll                 Strike Rank:   13
ST: 17  |  Con: 13  |  Siz: 12  |  Int: 13  |  Pow: 10  |  Dex: 13   |  Cha: 11
Age:  21   |  Move:  10   |  Damage Mod: +1d2   |   HP: 25    |  Wound Threshold:  7  |  MP: 10

Boon: Always knows when someone is near +10 to Evade / No penalties to defend against flanking or rear foes

Native Language:  Caledon

Skills of Note:
Animals: 33  |  Athletics  50%  [Climb 70%]  |  Close Combat 50%  [Dagger: 60%]  |  Evade 56%
Resilience: 51%  | Stealth 71%  |  Unarmed: 50%  [Punch  70%]  |  Firearms 50%  [Long gun 71%]

Language [Anglish] 44%  |  Survival  53%  |  Tracking 46%  |  Lore: Animals  46%

A hunter and tracker like his da' before him, Donny often led the gentry and nobles on hunting trips when they came to Argyll.  He had been doing it for 6 years, before Lord Willowborough and his snot-nosed 17 year old pantywaist of a son came to Argyll.  Willowborough had requested his Da's services as he had every fall for the past ten years.   This year he insisted that Donny take his son, Gilbert, on his very first trip and took him aside and told him he would pay him an extra 10 Sterling should Gilbert manage to kill something more sizable than a squirrel.   Make the twit look good, Donny figured he could do that, until they get into the wood and Gilbert begins loudly complaining and ordering him about.   Donny was asking him for the fifth time to please lower his voice as not to spook the animals, when suddenly, a huge boar shot out of the brush, knocking Gilbert off the ground and wheeling for a charge.  Donny managed to kill it, taking a large deep cut from it's tusks in the process.  When he turned to help Gilbert up, he realized the other sounds he was hearing was Gilbert screaming in pain, the lower half of his right leg mangled beyond repair by the charge of the boar.    Donny tied off the wound and carried Gilbert back to the house, shouting himself hoarse for help.   When the others arrived, they took Gilbert off to a surgeon and Ma stitched up the wound in Donny's side.   A few days later, Da came out to the woodshed, handed Donny his traveling pack and Don's favorite Musket and a few coin he had and told him to be off and quickly.  Gilbert was claiming that Donny pushed him in front of the Boar and Lord Willowborough had called for Donny's arrest.    Donny caught a ride with a neighbor heading to market and hopes to land a job on a ship heading for Atlantis, hopefully there he would be out of Lord Willowborough's reach


Winton Edwards - Anglish Spy from Londoun                      SR: 12
Str: 16  |  Con: 13  |  Siz: 12  |  Int: 12  |  Dex: 11  |  Cha: 17         Age: 22       Move: 9
Damage Mod: +1d2  |  HP: 25  |  Wound Threshold:  7  |  Magic Points: 12

Boon: Acute Hearing - Winton can isolate individual sounds by concentrating and can hear soft conversations up to 100' away in the open.

Native Language:  Anglish

Notable Skills:
Athletics: 37%  |  CLose Combat: 50% [Dagger 67%]  |  Evade: 52%  |  Evaluate: 44%
Firearms: 31%  |  Influence: 44%  |  Insight: 54%  |  Perception  34%  |  Persistence: 29%
Sleight: 28%  |  Unarmed: 37%

Language: Castillian 59%  |  Culture - Castillian  44%  |  Craft: Gunsmith  43%  |  Mechanisms  43%
Lore: Poisons  44%  |  Courtesy: 49%

Middle son of a Master Gunsmith, Winton wound up taking service with the Diplomatic Corps when he was 16.  He has acted as courier and also watched and reported upon things he's seen while traveling as an aide to Lord Ambassador Sean Lockwood.  While in Toledo, Winton had become quite enamored of Dona Maria Elana Rivera, daughter to one of the Guardia Commodante at the Court.  Their visits had remained quite innocent, after all, Winton was a representative of His Majesty, and she was a Lady.  He was devastated when Ambassador Lockwood told him that they were being transferred to the Colonies in Atlantis in a few days.  He went to see Maria to tell her that he was having to leave and to ask her permission to write to her, when young Lord Alexander Westchester suddenly burst into the library, trailed by Maria's father and several guardsmen.   Lord Alexander made several untrue accusations and the Commodante informed Winton in no uncertain terms that were it not for his position on the Ambassador's staff, he would find himself in a pillory.  Westchester smirked as he left, flattering the angry Commodante.   Ah well, he'll enjoy finding himself in severe gastric distress for several days after he opens his next bottle of his private stock bourbon, and the Ambassador told him that a young Castillian Courtier with whom he had spent some time with was joining them on their trip to Atlantis.

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