Monday, April 16, 2012

Timeline of Recent History

Just a brief timeline hitting the highlights of the past 125 years.

NOTE:  Atlantis is North America / Lemuria is South America in our world, in case you didn't see the maps on the previous post :)

A short Timeline of recent History

This  timeline will give an overview of what has happened in the past 120 years.  

1620 - Pilgrims arrive at Plymouth

1625 - A treaty is signed between King Robert III of Caledonia, Queen Virginia of Angland and King Conall X of Eire, creating the Confederation of Briton

1636 - Oliver Cromwell killed in Corbie, Francia when Castillian ships begin bombarding the town
Cromwell was in Francia on a diplomatic mission for the Queen of Angland

1637 - Ferdinand III ascends to throne as Emperor of Roma

1638 - Treaty of Hamburg signed by Cardinal Richelieu of Francia and the Representative of the young queen Cristina of Nordland Johan Salvius.

1640 Queen Virginia Abdicates throne of Angland in favor of her son, Reginald due to failing health.  Reginald I crowned King of Angland and her colonies.

1655 - King Reginald marries Princess Caitlain of Eire, uniting the two houses beyond the terms of the treaty.  

1670 - Conall X of Eire dies in his sleep, Princess Caitlain becomes Queen Caitlain I of Eire

1670 - Castillian explorers set up a colony in 1650 called Amazonia on the North Eastern coast of Lemuria, but the colony is found abandoned by a supply ship, and the settlement is overrun by snakes and reptiles of various types.   The Arch-Bishop of Toledo, declared the land of Lemuria as the home of Satan himself and tried to raise a Crusade to pacify the land.

1675 - King Reginald dies from injuries sustained during a hunting accident.  Caitlain becomes Queen of both Eire and Angland.

1676-1685 - First Lemurian Crusade

1700 - Confederation of Briton allies with Nordland in war against Francia and Castille

1705 - 1725 - Second Lemurian Crusade

1706 - John V crowned King of Iberia

1715 - Louis XIV crowned King of all Francia

1720 - Peace Treaty signed in Habsburg, Prussia between Confederated forces and Francia, Briton and Nordland remain at war with Castille.

1725 - Charles II of Castille dies, and is succeeded by his widow, Maria Anna, who becomes Queen Maria I of Castille

1730 - Castille establishes fortified colony at location of old Amazonia colony.
Robert III dies - is succeeded by his Grandson, Lachlan Bruce, crowned Lachlan I

1735 - Queen Caitlain of Angland and Eire abdicates her thrones to her Daughter and Son, who become Queen Elaine I of Eire and King Arthur I of Angland, respectively

1740 - Frederick II succeeds his father as Emperor of Prussia

1745 - Present Day

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