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The First Session - Arrival in Boston (Part the First)

Two weeks ago today, we got together for the first session of Swashbucklers of Atlantis, using my Bastardized d100 rules.    I intended to post this sooner, while it was still fresh in my mind, but I stowed the gaming stuff on a shelf in my office and the past two weeks have been rather busy, so I've not taken the time to post the overview of the session.

I post this while I await our players.

The Players and their characters:
Alex - running Troy "Bottle" Roberts, Anglish mercenary with a desire to learn engineering and tinkering
Jason - running Killian O'Brian, Eireish, young Explorer ready to see the world.
Adam - running Ardeth Ibin Falan, Aegyptian Magician

The trio arrived in Boston harbor at dusk on September 17th, 1745.   By the time they debarked from their boat, the Wave Dancer, captained by Achmed Bey O'Reilly (of Persian and Eireish descent), it was full dark and a fog was spreading across the dock area, limiting visibility.

As they made their way off the ship and towards the center of town, where they had been invited to stay with Lord Calvin Makeway, they heard growls, rough language and the screams of maidens fair (or men screaming like girls, it is very foggy and dark, after all).  As they determine the directions of the screams, a young woman comes tearing out of the fog, being chased by a large hound, it's eyes glowing red and a strange, greenish glow around it's neck.   Before they can react, the muzzle of the hound peels back in four sections and a long, tentacle-like tongue shoots forward, snaring the young woman, and it begins to drag her back towards where it has stopped.

Our intrepid heroes, once they have overcome their initial shock at this hellish sight, spring forth and with blade, flintlock and arcane magicks, overcome the beast and the girl continues rapidly upon her way, with not even a word of thanks.   Further growls and screams draw them deeper into the fog, into an alleyway between warehouses, where they find another three beasts, of various breeds of canine type, including what Ardeth recognizes as a Persian Jackal.  All three have the same glowing eyes and neck.   One is feasting upon the corpse of a fallen man, whom they recognize as Jock Mahoney, one of the crew from the Wave Dancer who had left just ahead of them to begin his shore liberty.  A few feet away, two of the creatures have a man and another woman cornered.   Another of their shipmates from the Wave Dancer, Roger Stuart is trying to protect the young woman and fend off the beasts with a board he apparently picked up from the ground.

Once again, Flintlocks, blades and magicks save the day, and as the last beast falls, they see a shadowy shape in the edge of the fog.   Rushing forward to attack, Killian knocks the man unconscious, a glowing piece of stone wrapped in paper dropping from his fingers as he collapses to the ground.

Roger and the young lady take leave of the group with their thanks and flee into the fog.  Examining the animals, they all have upon their necks leather colors, with a hexagonally shaped piece of copper imprinted with a hieroglyph that Ardeth recognizes as the symbol of Seth, the ancient Aegyptian god of chaos.   The paper and stone dropped by the unconscious man are examined and the stone is a piece of smoothed and worked sandstone bearing the same emblem.  The paper bears writing that reads:

18 Crooked Street

pocketing these items as they hear the whistles of the constables approaching, the group answers their questions and then drops Lord Makeway's name when the constables start to insist that they come in for questioning.   Surprisingly, the constables not only agree to allow them to present themselves the next day, but they provide transportation ot Lord Makeway's house.

Arriving at Lord Makeway's they are conducted into the study where they meet Lord Makeway, and his visitor, Benjamin Franklin.  After a few minutes of introductions and small talk, Franklin takes his leave, saying that he is to take ship to Londoun where he will present the Royal Court and Parliament with a proposal for Atlantean representation in Parliament, and possibly for an Atlantean Parliament as well.

The group fills Lord Makeway in on their adventures of the evening.  He tells them that he would be very interested to learn what the constables learn from the prisoner and after a good meal, has them escorted to their rooms for the night.

The next day, Lord Makeway accompanies them to the constables office where they find that the man from the night before, identified as one Ian Kellar, was found hanged in his cell by a rope that ran out the windows and was attached to the ceiling in a manner that baffled the constables, as there was nothing to run the rope over on the smooth ceiling.

Investigating, the group finds the rope, which Ardeth determines has a lingering aura of magical energies on it.  They learn that Lord Makeway is actually the head of His Royal Majesty's Crown Agents in Atlantis, and that he unfortunately has business that requires him to leave Boston for a few days and asks if the group would be willing to undertake an investigation into the strange events as temporary agents of the Crown.

Agreement is quick in coming and Lord Makeway tells them that they may use his house as their headquarters while they do so, and if they need anything to ask his daughter Louise, or any of his staff, and any reasonable requests will be filled.   He gives them a bit of money and leaves them to their investigations

. . ..

Time for today's game is swift approaching, I shall continue this later and also post the event's of today's game.

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