The Journal of Killian O'Brian

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  1. I keep seeing the dark things in my dreams. Well nightmares truth be told. Faceless horrors trying to convert me, bleed me, or even just consume my body.... n0, my soul. Combined with the terrors of reality, I barely hang on to each day. I find myself listening to my dear old maw, and praying to the heavens to protect and save me. Sometimes I feel they are not listening, but faith is not about answers. It is believing in the light when surrounded by darkness. So for now I will continue to pray, but I will also face the reality that God helps those who help themselves. I have begun training my mind to defend against the darkness without, and also that which is within. I must find a blacksmith who can forge me a silver sword that will cut through the most impure of beings. Learn the power of my faith, and the words of power that come with it. I cannot cower any longer. Too many have died from evil that scourges the land. I will be a light among the darkness. May Saint Michael protect and guide me.